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News, Updates and Presentations for todays Nurse Prescribing Leadership Summit

Nurse Prescribing: NMC Update

Sue West, Senior Nursing Education Adviser, Nursing and Midwifery Council 

Sue has promoted the integrated care agenda through the development of innovative placement pathways to increase placement capacity across North West London. Sue has also worked closely with the Council of Deans for Health to influence the changing health education landscape. Sue has also been influential in a number of external fora relating to nurse education as Chair of the Education Expert Reference Group for Health Education Thames Valley and the Health Education Group (London Higher) which represents universities within the region.

In her presentation Sue made the following observations:

  • Our most up to date standards documents are available on the web
  • We have been working on our education programme for the last 5 years 
  • It's quite a big step change for future nurses to be ‘prescribing ready’.  Emphasis on ‘be prepared’ based very much on competency rather than time
  • We have adopted the RPS competency framework as the standards of proficiency for prescribing.
  • There is a huge move towards Nurse Prescribing in the future
  • Practice learning: Make sure it meets the needs of the employer and the registrant.  There are great opportunities for technology and simulated learning.
  • We have already had one institution get through the whole process without any conditions from us
  • If you are prescribing you need to use the RPS competency framework as much for revalidation as the future nurse standards of proficiency for the registered nurse
  • We have not said definitively that you should not remote prescribe but you need to think this through and work within the competency framework and the Code.

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Nurse Prescribing Leadership & Advanced Nursing Roles

Wendy Preston Head of Nursing Practice, The Royal College of Nursing

Head of Nursing Practice at the RCN:  Since qualifying as RGN in 1992 Wendy has continued studies, achieving MSc in Respiratory Care with post graduate certificates in prescribing and higher education. Continues to practice clinically as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in out of hour’s primary care and Honorary Respiratory Consultant Nurse. 
Previous teams include Nursing Times ‘Team of the Year’ 2014 (acute medical unit/ ambulatory care) and Senior Lecturer at Coventry University. She is involved with policy and clinical practice leadership at a national and international level and co-edited a respiratory book published in 2016. Her work was acknowledged in 2014 by being recognised as an HSJ Rising Star.  

In her presentations Wendy observed:

  • How do I develop pathways and improve the patient journey?
  • It's good to be on groups and get a national role, then you can make changes
  • Medicines Management:  We decided to pull all of the parts of the jigsaw together and work with various royal colleges to bridge the gaps
  • Wendy highlighted the Medicine Management web page which they are promoting at the minute, pulling everything together for nursing
  • The Indemnity and vicarious liability has got a little bit easier for those in primary care
  • All organisations should have a prescribing lead, I feel it is important that they are a prescriber
  • Is very tricky to have an annotation around ‘advanced practice’

Full PowerPoint Presentation

History taking, clinical assessment and diagnosis

Alison Pottle Nurse Consultant in Cardiology Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

As nurses take on more advanced roles, they must have the knowledge and skills to ensure that patient safety is maintained. The workshop will look at competence and confidence which are vital to the success of any advanced role. 

The important considerations that are required in both history taking and clinical examination will be discussed together with some of the limitations. The presentation will also highlight the need for advanced nurses to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. 

Full PowerPoint Presentation


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